Billings Traffic Signal Schedule

April 28, 2017

Attn: Business and Home owners

In February Yellowstone Electric Co. sent you a letter informing you about the traffic signal and street lighting project we are currently involved in with MDT. We have made some changes to our schedule that may or may have not effected your intersection and wanted to send to you an updated schedule. We are still scheduled to complete our project at the end of August. Enclosed is a map showing the intersections where construction will be taking place. Below is the list of project intersections along with their currently scheduled dates of work.

Each intersection will have temporary traffic signals in place to maintain proper traffic control throughout this construction period. There will be some lane closures as well as sidewalk closures at the intersections. In addition, there will be cross street that will be closed during the construction of the intersection. We will begin notifying the public that this large construction project will be beginning in April. Yellowstone Electric will be providing updates of the construction schedule and street closures to various media outlets during this process.


Project Intersections Current Date of Work
1 – 1st Ave N & 25th St N May 15 to June 2
2 – 1st Ave N & 26th St N May 15 to June 2
3 – 1st Ave N & 28th St N June 2 to June 23
4 – 1st Ave N & 29th St N June 2 to June 23
5 – 1st Ave N & 30th St N June 26 to July 18
6 – 1st Ave N & 31st St N July 19 to Aug 8
7 – 1st Ave N & 32nd St N July 19 to Aug 8
8 – 1st Ave S & 29th St S April 3 to April 21
9 – 1st Ave S & 28th St S April 3 to April 21
10 – Montana Ave & 30th St N June 26 to July 18
11 – Montana Ave & 29th St N April 24 to May 12
12 – Montana Ave & 28th St N April 12 to May 12
13 – 1st Ave N & Broadwater & Division Aug14 to Aug 22


If you have any questions, I am available Monday thru Friday 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. at 252-3407 to answer any questions you may have.

Amy Wheeler
Assistant Project Manager