Vision of Yellowstone Electric

It is unusual for any company to stay in business for 70 years, but we’ve not only survived the many economic ups and downs for the last three-quarter century – we’ve learned to thrive in them. We’ve done it through common sense business practices, the willingness to take calculated risks and the desire to expand beyond neighborhood electrical work into the latest technologies.

It’s part of our vision, and the things that define who we are.

Yellowstone Electric is the most diversified provider of electrical and telecommunications services throughout Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas.

Yellowstone Electric is willing to step outside their comfort zone and expand their service lines in an effort to meet the needs of their customers.

Yellowstone Electric is an integral part of the history and future of local and regional businesses.

Yellowstone Electric is knowledgeable, the result not only of 70 years of industry experience but also the desire to constantly learn to expand its capabilities and improve the quality of its people.

Yellowstone Electric is selective about the people they hire and conscientious about the placement of each team member to ensure that the right person is working with the right customer on the right job.

Yellowstone Electric is easily distinguishable from every other electrical and telecommunications service company in this region.